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Warfare Against Tax Frustration




4 Weeks Live Online Training Camp and Financial Organization Accelerator.

July 3 to July 28

Live Coaching 2 hours per day.

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  • Tax Interpretation and Implementation. (Value $3,000)

  • Accounting Interpretation and Implementation. (Value $3,000)

  • Lifetime Access to the TCS extraordinary cockpits, (Value $4,000)

  • - The Main Cockpit for Sole Member LLC.

    - The Tax Cockpit for Sole Member LLC.

    - The Main Cockpit for S-Corp,

    - The Tax Cockpit for S-Corp.

  • Unlimited Email Access (Value $1,000)

  • BONUS: 2 Hour Coaching Calls the first Tuesday of each month during tax season. (Priceless)


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    Yes, … You 😊

    Hello wonderful,

    I hear you; I know how it is when you are running your own business and you finally are making progress, but there is so, so much to do that you didn't know you had to do. So many subscriptions deadlines, so many decisions on a daily basis, so many tax laws, etc.

    Even though things are going well financially, you have this worry in the pit of your stomach because you know that you need to get financially organized and that you need to implement some kind of system to help you,...

    1. Run your life,
    2. Run your business,
    3. Your cash flow,

    However, your mind is already so preoccupied with running your business, your children, your house, your family, and perhaps,... your spouse, that you don't have enough time for yourself, let alone developing a long-term organizational business and tax system that you can use with ease throughout the year, particularly during tax season.

    The way the current tax system is set up doesn't make it any easier. It is super complex.


    This is exactly one of many reasons why I built a simple system to help you understand how our tax and accounting system really works.


    I also built cockpits, which are two groups of centralized worksheet dashboards designed to equip you to:

    1. Run your business during the year
    2. And during tax season.

    These cockpits are designed to empower you to be ready in case of an audit, help you work with your accountant, and equip you to never overpay taxes or penalties.

    But most important, it will provide you with the peaceful, inner satisfaction of having your life and finances neatly organized to help you PROTECT and MULTIPLY YOUR CASH and teach your children and family to do the same.... Be the FINANCIAL SUPERHERO your business and your family needs you to be.


    Let’s conquer Financial PEACE together.


    With much love and great appreciation,

    Tax coach Susan

    (Susan is an Enrolled Agent aka Accountant)